Valid until 12/07/2019

Our sister company ChamServe are dedicated to providing the highest quality of property management services to property owners in Chamonix and the surrounding area, in an environmentally friendly manner.

ChamServe separate property management services into three categories, management services, maintenance services and cleaning services. They tailor the services they offer to the owner and their property.



The ChamServe team of property managers can get the best out of your property by managing it in a structured and organised manner. Procedures to save energy and reduce waste will also be encouraged to reduce the carbon footprint of your property.

Services offered include: Meet and Greet, Key Holding, Arrival Packs, Welcome Book, Inventory and Maintenance Reporting, Annual Checks, Security Checks.



The skilled maintenance team at ChamServe are well equipped to keep your property in tip top condition. Expert problem solvers and quick to respond, they will report back to the owners and resolve problems as they come up. They are also able to give advice on how to improve your property and how to reduce its environmental impact.

Services offered include: Repairs, Replacements, Delivery and installation, Internet setup, Satellite TV Setup, Interior Design, Decorating, Renovation, Project Management, Hot Tub/Pool Maintenance, Gardening, Landscaping, Snow Clearing, Removals, House Clearance, Pest Control.



ChamServe employ experienced cleaners who are honest, dependable and environmentally cautious. They are trained to clean using strict guidelines and cleaning reports which ensure properties are cleaned to the highest standard. Ecolabel products and materials are used where possible.

Cleaning services offered include: Laundry, Weekly Clean, End of Season Clean, Steam cleaning, Cleaning after renovation and construction, Carpet Cleaning, Daily Maid, Commercial Cleaning.    


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