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Chamonix Summer Sports

Chamonix is the place to go for outdoor summer activities. 

It is jam packed with things for the whole family to do. You can see from the list below the wide variety of things on offer. 

Remember if you need any assistance in booking any of these Chamonix activities on your holiday don't hesitate to ask us at Chamonix Holidays for our advice and help.


Chamonix Summer Sports

Hiking and trekking

Chamonix Climbing information



Chamonix Paragliding


Chamonix downhilling and mountain biking information

Mountain Biking

Chamonix horse riding for children

Horse Riding

Chamonix Golf course


Chamonix Tennis and squash

Tennis and Squash

Chamonix swimming pool and spa


Chamonix water rafting


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Summer Holiday Hiking in Chamonix